Sometimes your pet’s problem may be more advanced than can be completely assessed and planned in a standard 15 minute consultation. Sometimes, their illness may be more complicated or rare or advanced, and they may benefit from a veterinary surgeon with more in depth knowledge than the average GP vet.

Luckily, here at NuVet we have several vets who have chosen to continue studying after vet school to improve their knowledge in one or more specific areas. By studying hard and sitting extra exams in their own time, these vets have advanced knowledge and have chosen to focus on a particular area, which means they may be the best person for your pet to see in certain circumstances. If your pet has a complex issue, you may be internally referred to one of these vets for an “In Depth 30 minute consultation” in which they will be able formulate a plan to help your pet going forwards.

We offer this service in four areas:

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