If your pet has been seen at another veterinary clinic and you are unsure about their condition or treatment it is possible you may want a second opinion. We are happy to provide this service. It is important for us to request your previous history for us to understand the results of any examinations, tests and medications that have been given to your pet. This does not mean you cannot return to your own vet, especially if our opinion matches that of your original vet. Equally, if you prefer to remain with us for ongoing treatment of your pet we will discuss with you in full the treatments or tests we recommend.

If your pet has a particularly complex or advanced case, it may be appropriate to book them for an “In Depth 30 minute Consultation” with one of our vets who have chosen to focus on a particular area of veterinary medicine.

We also understand that occasionally our own clients may wish to seek a second opinion elsewhere. Your pet is part of your family and it is important you have peace of mind regarding their treatment. However, if you have any worries, firstly please discuss them with the vet in charge of your pet’s case.