Bronchoscopy and Endoscopy – New Equipment for NuVet

We have some new equipment – a bronchoscope and an endoscope. These are advanced flexible camera that allow less invasive surgical options for our patients. Over the next few months, our vets will be receiving advanced training on this delicate machinery.

Vet Nikos Passes Cardiology Certificate

After a year of studying, our vet Nikos Pallas has completed his cardiology certificate. This means that he has a particular interest and skill in the area of heart disease, and he has the qualifications to prove it! If your pet is diagnosed with a heart murmur, or there is some other reason we are… Read more »

Summer Fun at the Shows

NuVet have been proud to be involved in several community events this summer, including Bretton Festival, Central Park Dog Show, and Sacrewell Farm Open Day. We love seeing all the pets and families out enjoying the sun. Judging dogs shows can be a tricky job. Choosing “Prettiest Bitch” can be hard enough, but “Dog who… Read more »

Myxomatosis Outbreak

Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that decimated the wild rabbit population when it arrived in Britain 50 years ago. Domestic rabbits are also susceptible to the disease and deaths in pets are reported every year. The number and severity of outbreaks varies over time: the myxomatosis virus is notorious for its ability… Read more »

Vet Alice Says Goodbye to NuVet

Our vet Alice McNamara has been with us at NuVet for the past five years, since she first graduated. Sadly, she is saying goodbye to us to move onto the next exciting step in her career. She is joining a lab, to help work at the cutting edge of science and we wish her all… Read more »

NuVet Nominations in PetPlan Vet of the Year

The PetPlan Veterinary Awards are like the Oscars of the vet world. This year we had a record four nominations: Alice McNamara – Vet of the Year Nikita Smeeton and Jenni Northern – Vet Nurse of the Year Joanne Mease – Practice Support Staff of the Year Thank you to everyone who nominated us. It… Read more »

New Surgeon at Nuvet

We have lots of new staff to introduce to you! Meet Rachael – she is a vet who first qualified in 2008. Rachael holds the Certificate of Advanced Practice and is particularly interested in surgery. Rachael will be helping with our more advanced surgical patients, as well as taking part in our normal general practice… Read more »

Tick Update – Babesia

We have had lots of questions about ticks because there has been an outbreak of a disease spread by ticks down in Essex. It is always a good idea to be careful, but please don’t panic, as so far it is only 4 dogs from a very small, specific area. However, it is a good… Read more »

Microchipping for Dogs Becomes Law

From the 6th of April 2016, all dogs must be microchipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are 8 weeks old. At NuVet, we recommend ALL pets are microchipped, not just dogs and cats, but rabbits, ferrets, tortoises…. If you pet may go missing, a microchip is a great idea to… Read more »

Vet Alice Achieves Distinction in Medicine Certificate

Many of you may know that for the past three years, our vet Alice has been studying towards the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Post Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. This advanced qualification is part of our investment in “Continuous Professional Development.” This means that over 3 years, Alice has studied for 600 hours… Read more »