At NuVet we offer a wide range of surgical procedures – from neutering (spaying and castrating) to biopsies, lump removals and fracture repairs. We have a particular interest in keyhole surgery (which can be used to perform less painful neutering operations, but also a variety of other procedures) and dental surgery and we also have visiting specialists who perform more complex operations.


Neutering operations are the most common operation we perform at NuVet. Although we mostly perform these operations on dogs and cats, we also see a large number of rabbits and ferrets. We normally recommend spaying or castrating dogs at around 6 months and cats from 4 months. The advantages of neutering your pet include:

  • No unwanted puppies or kittens – although cute, thousands of puppies and kittens are put down every year because they have no owner
  • Reduced risks of breast cancer in bitches, prostate cancer in dogs and womb cancer in rabbits
  • Reduced risk of pyometra – a womb infection which is fatal if not treated
  • No risks from pregnancy – although many dogs give birth naturally, breeding can be dangerous to your pet’s health and caesarians or hand-rearing babies can be very stressful and difficult
  • No unwanted sexual behaviour – from aggressive dogs to calling cats, neutering our pets can help them live a more harmonious life

All leading animal charities recommend neutering – have a look at the links below for more information: