We have a particular interest in ophthalmology at NuVet, with several visiting specialists, as well as our own vet Helen, who has a GP Certificate in Ophthalmology.

We have a large range of equipment for eye examination including:



This is the basic essential kit for examining the eye – it allows us to see up close what is happening in the back of the eye (the retina), in the middle of the eye (the lens) and the front of the eye (the cornea), as well as around the lids. This is usually the first piece of equipment we use to examine an eye, and every consult room at NuVet has one available.

Slit Lamp

This is basically a microscope for the eyes. Less compact and harder to use than the ophthalmoscope, this piece of equipment can give us a crystal clear picture of what is happening inside your pet’s eye. This is one of our newer pieces of equipment at NuVet, but we have been very pleased with the quality of medicine it allows us to perform.


This piece of equipment allows us to measure the intra-ocular pressure in the eye, which can change with disease, for example, in glaucoma. This is very useful because acute glaucoma is an emergency – not only is it very painful, but it can result in blindness.

Ophthalmic Surgical Kit and Operating Microscope

We have a dedicated ophthalmic operating kit which is very fine and delicate, and used only for eye surgery. Common eye surgeries we perform include surgery to correct drooping eyelids or eyelashs scratching the eye, and ulcer treatment. For very delicate work, we have a dedicated operating microscope.