Here at NuVet, we are happy to be able to help you prepare your pet for travelling abroad. When travelling or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs:

  • a microchip
  • a rabies vaccination
  • a pet passport
  • tapeworm treatment (for dogs only)

However, we always recommend you consult DEFRA and the authorities of the country you are travelling to, to double check any local regulations. For further information click on:


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my pet need to travel abroad?

The requirements for pet travel vary depending on what country you are travelling to (and back). Most people are travelling to listed EU countries, in which case you require

  • A pet passport
  • A microchip
  • A rabies vaccination
  • A tapeworm treatment before returning

Does my pet need a blood test before travelling?

EU countries no longer require a blood test before travelling. Other countries vary, so we always recommend checking each country’s individual requirements here.

When does my pet need to get vaccinated against rabies?

At least 21 days before travelling. Vaccinations can last up to 3 years, but each country has different regulations about the frequency of vaccination.

What are the signs of rabies?

For more information about the disease rabies, please see our fact sheet.