Vaccinations are recommended for all dogs, cats and rabbits, whether indoor or outdoor. Our vaccination protocols are based on the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Guidelines. We appreciate that over vaccination is also a potential issue for many animals, so we only give those vaccines that are required every year, depending on indiviual risks. Some animals require fewer vaccinations and there are blood tests available to make sure we are not giving unecessary vaccines – please ask your vet for more information. It is also important to remember that vaccinations increase protection but do not 100% guarantee your pet will not get ill – often the vaccine simply makes the symptoms shorter or more mild.

What can we vaccinate against?

There are lots of different diseases we can vaccinate against. Here is a list of the most common diseases we vaccinate against and a short description of the disease. Click on the disease for more information:


Standard boosters (not every disease vaccinated against every year)



Standard Booster (not every disease vaccinated against every year)

Other Vaccinations