When our pets get a little overweight, it can be difficult to get back on track. That is why we offer FREE weight loss clinics to support you and your pets through this journey.

We wanted to share with everyone the some of the sucesses we have had through our weight clinics – if they can do it, why not you and your pet?

Meet Ami-Mai

This is Ami-Mai. She is a Chihuahua. She has consistently lost weight over the last few months totalling 290g or 9% of her original bodyweight. Before starting her weight plan she took things easy and liked nothing better than watching her doggy friends from the comfort of the sofa. Now she has lost weight she is running after them and bossing them around!Content


Meet Bobbie

This is Bobbie. She is one of our champions of weight loss. Just by cutting back on her food a little, she has lost a whopping 18.7% of her original bodyweight. Her owners have noticed she has a lot more energy and is more playful.

Meet Gunner

This is Gunner. He has been doing really well at his weight clinic. He has lost an impressive 16% of his original bodyweight. As well as having lots of energy now, he is more enthusiastic about his walks, so much so that he recently banged his head on the car boot door as he was trying to hurry out and enjoy his walk!


Meet Casey

This is Casey, she is quite new to our weight clinics. Casey wants to lose weight to help with her joints especially as she’s getting older. She’s doing really well and has so far lost 8% of her starting bodyweight.

Well done Casey!

Meet Lucy

This is Lucy. She is a beagle who has been cutting back on her treats and human food and has lost 5% of her original bodyweight. Well done Lucy!


Meet Rosie

This is Rosie. She’s one of our little stars. Rosie suffered from pancreatitis and has had to go on a low fat diet. She had lost 12.5% of her original bodyweight by November 2014, now in January 2015, she’s lost nearly 20% of her original bodyweight. Rosie’s owner has not only noticed a positive change in her behaviour – for the first time in her life she’s been play bowing with her brother – but she’s started playing games where she slides down the hall on a mat! This week Rosie’s owner is delighted to notice Rosie’s starting to get a lean waist. Well done Rosie!

Meet Saffy

This is Saffy, she has lost nearly 7% of her original weight since she started weight clinics. Saffy has a lot more energy since her weight loss and her owner says she’s got really good at jumping!


Certificates of Achievement